Our Story

Who wouldn’t say yes to a fun, casual restaurant with quality food? Whether a family with toddlers in tow seeking child-friendly brunch options, couples on a lovey-dovey date night out, or friends on a lookout for good food in a jaunt with a relaxed vibe, TOBY’S has something to offer virtually everyone.

Those were the ideas behind the restaurant, which was started in October 2009. Tired of the limp, uninspiring standard of typical café fare, TOBY’S aspired to provide good quality food in a cosy, laid back setting without prices that would put people off. It decided on a range of starters, mains, house specials and desserts that would please a variety of palates.

The business concept has proven successful; it is frequently raved about among food writers in the media, most notable for its impressive range of menu choices and fine quality offerings.

With its sole outlet at one of the most popular malls in the east of Singapore, the company is seeking to expand with more outlets. That can only be good news to foodies and the restaurant industry in food-mad Singapore.

TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum was featured in Yahoo News on 2nd May 2014 Named the "HIDDEN GEM IN THE EAST" :- Read the article here