Our Menu

TOBY’S boasts an exciting line-up of hearty restaurant favourites and beloved desserts made from original American recipes. With the sheer variety on their extensive menu wowing children and adults alike, TOBY’S hits the sweet spot time after time, from first course to last.

Bestsellers include their thin-crust pizzas, Spicy Marinara spaghetti and BBQ pork ribs while standouts in the dessert line are the mud pies and Oreo Obsession Cheesecake. An i-menu at the restaurant allows customers to place orders themselves using an iPad.

A Berry Good Surprise
Two Scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Sauce + Fresh Strawberries
Rambo 7
Layers of Sponge Topped With Chocolate Ganache
Arctic Bombshell
Choc Ganache, Vanilla Ice Cream, Choc Cake + Meringue
Black Or White
Oreo Cheesecake + Mocha Almond Ice Cream
Brain Freeze
Lemon Sorbert, Vanilla Ice Cream + Toasted Almonds
Brownie Cow
Walnut Brownie + Choice of Ice Cream
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Caramel Crunch
Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce + Almonds
Choc Truffle Cake + Double Choc Ice Cream
Cuppa Misu
Classic Tiramisu. Contain Kahlua
Leaning Tower of TOBY'S
Layers of Feuillete, Fresh Cream, Fresh Berries + Vanilla Ice Cream Piled High
Oreo Obession
Oreo Crust, Oreo Cheesecake + Choc Mousse
Seek Asylum
Macadamia Ice Cream, Mocha Almond Ice Cream with Cookies + Baileys Irish Cream
Fresh Durian with Choc Fudge
Split Personality
Vanilla Ice Cream, Chendol, Red Bean, Coconut Cream + Gula Melaka
TO-BY or Not TO-BY
Rum & Raisin Ice Cream, Double Choc Ice Cream with Choc Chips + Waffles Bits
Double Choc Ice Cream + Mocha Almond Ice Cream + Cookies
Wacky Waffles
Choice of Ice Cream and Fruits
Lava Cake
Molten Warmed Chocolate Cake Served With Fresh Berries
Apple Chicken Sandwich
With Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions + Cheese
BBQ Pork Ribs
With a Choice of Potato Salad, Fries or Garlic Rice
Chicken & Mushroom
Cheese + Garlic Sauce
Ratatouille Baked Rice
Stewed Zucchini, Tomatoes, Eggplant And Red Capsicum In Tomato Puree (Lunch only)
Grilled Chicken Salad
Smoked Duck Pizza
Shiitake Mushrooms, Cripy Spring Roll + Hoisin Sauce
Mushroom & Spinach
With Olives, Almonds + Tomato Sauce
Mushrooms Pizza
Spicy Hot Wings
With Homemade Hot Sauce 
Potato Salad
With Bacon Bits
Spaghetti Vongole
Fresh Clam In White Wine (Lunch Only)
Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle
+ Light Cream Sauce
Spicy Marinara Spaghetti
With Fish, Prawns, Calamari, + Spicy Tomato Sauce
Stewed Pork Spaghetti
With Onions, Coriander + Light Cream Sauce
TOBY'S Deluxe Burger
With Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes + Onions
Toby's Most Famous Chicken Stew
With Potatoes, Fresh Mushrooms + Garlic Rice (Lunch Only)
"NEW"  Taco Fried Chicken Wing
With Sundried Tomato Dip
Spinach & Mushroom pot Pie
Fresh Squeeze Green Apple Juice
Baileys Irish Latte
Espresso, Hot Milk with Baileys
Fresh Squeeze Carrot Juice
Herbal Bouquet of Chamomile, Marigold and Lavender
Hulk A Mania
Green Apples, Sour Plum + Fresh Lime
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Pear Green Tea With Moroccan Rose
Lychee Lust
Ice Blended Lychees
Ice Blended Pears
illy Cappucino
Espresso and Foamed Milk
Chocolate Ambrosia
Food Of The Gods
Simply Red
Traditional Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese
Rainbow 7
Layers of Coloured Moist Sponge Topped With Chocolate Ganache
NY Cheese Cake
For Real Cheese Cake Lovers
Fruit Of The Forest
With Black Cherries + Rum
Oreo Obession
Oreo Crust, Oreo Cheese Cake + Chocolate Mousse